The Teachers at Saraswati Space come from a rich variety of educational and cultural backgrounds, most of them with many years of experience.  They all share a tremendous love for their art and for teaching and empowering people to explore the many approaches of health or spirituality, ultimately leading to the knowledge of self.  I think it is safe to say all our teachers are also students of life, open and committed in their pursuit of truth and personal evolution.

Flor Gama
Iyengar Yoga
Ivana Spodniakova
Healing Voice
Diana Bewley
Shamanic Dance & Shamanic Healing
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Lawrence Holt
Tai Chi & Chi Kung
Jim Gerrard
Ashtanga Yoga
Kirana Stover
Integral Yoga
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Yantra, Tarot & Astrology
Family Constellations
Rachel Caine
Sacred Clowning
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Analia Varela
Dynamic Yoga
Nora Belton
Hatha Yoga, Massage & Yoga Therapy
Javier Alcaraz
Osho Meditations
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