Edward Bach developed the flower remedies through his work in Homeopathy.  He described  illness as when the personality acts in conflict with the soul.
Bach Flower remedies support the body’s own inherent tendency to strive for balance and healing.  They treat illness at its energetic level.  There are 38 remedies divided into 7 groups that address human emotions, or states of mind, that can lead to physical somatisation, or illness.  These 7 categories are:
–Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances
–Over-Sensitivity to Influences and Ideas
–Despondency or Despair
–Over-Care for Welfare of Others

I have been working with the Bach Flowers for 25 years.  Although I am very familiar with them, I use a pendulum when working with a client, to avoid personal interpretation.  Then we talk about the remedies that come up and their appropriateness to the person’s situation.  Often the healing begins in this conversation and the remedies continue to support its evolution.  The effects are so gentle and natural that often changes occur before one even notices.